Hibiskus / Hibiscus

Hibiskus / Hibiscus

Den vackra hibiskusen blommar återkommande i sin läckra färg.

The beautiful hibiscus blooms repeated in its beautiful color.

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32 tankar om “Hibiskus / Hibiscus

  1. Men så himla vackert och lite lustigt. Gick precis ut på terrassen men snabbt in igen när jag såg våra stora gula hibiscusblommor. In för att hämta macroobjektivet och då passade jag på att kika in här eftersom kameran ligger vid min dator. Så nu ska jag ut och fota… 😀

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  2. One of my most unforgettable flowers…and used for health! Thank you for such beautiful attention to this wonderful flower!


      • ll the parts of Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. are used it is traditionally known to be a laxative, diuretic,  anti-bacterial, and because of its high vitamin C content, antiscorbutic (protects against scurvy) and a good choice when you have a cold or flu.

        Hibiscus tea (also known as sour tea) is tart tasting and rich in antioxidants, can protect the liver. stimulate the appetite and help reduces fevers and soothe coughs and soothe and help repair the skin.
        Of course It is an excellent tea!:)
        Side affects: none I know of. The Hibiscus from Georgia and up through Appalachia, we called ‘red sorrel’ was said to be very bad for pregnant wives. I do not know. It is a fast acting herb for high blood pressure, like Cayenne pepper.
        We never mixed Hibiscus with anything but ‘skull’s cap’ to treat a dog snake bitten.

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