Gråsiska hoppar högt/ Redpoll jumping high

Gråsiska hoppar högt/ Redpoll jumping high

IMG_4013 (2)

När jag var i tonåren så gick programmet Stina Dabrowski i tv där hon intervjuade kändisar. Där brukade de medverkande i slutet på programmet tillsammans med Stina göra ett hopp. Jag frågade dessa två herrar gråsiska om de kunde tänka sig att ställa upp med ett hopp, vilket ni kan se bildbevis på här 🙂

When I was a teenager there was a program Stina Dabrowski in television, where she interviewed celebrities. There used to the participants at the end of the program together with Stina make a jump. I asked these two gentlemen redpoll if they were willing to put up with a jump, which you can see photographic evidence of this 🙂

5 tankar om “Gråsiska hoppar högt/ Redpoll jumping high

  1. Wow, what serendipity to catch them jumping. Do they jump like this a lot? Do you know why they jump? I notice that white-crowned sparrows do little backward jumps when they’re scratching for food, but nothing like this.


    • Thanks so much Skyscapes! I have seen several birds of different species jump rather than walk on the ground. It seems that it is easier to jump than to go. Same as when I see the tracks in the snow as they jumped and not walked. They maybe not have the same balance to walk as a goose 🙂

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